Load up your freezer with amazing tastes of sweet or savory from Molly’s Bistro Bakery!

Steak, Chicken, Shepherd's Pies (GLUTEN WISE), Tourtiere, Bajan, Mexican Beef or Buffalo Chicken Mac Pie, Beef &Veggie Lasagna, Beef & Veggie Moussaka  (GLUTEN WISE), Cabbage Rolls (GLUTEN WISE)

Quiches: Spinach & Feta OR Bacon &Mushroom OR Bacon & Sweet Potato OR Chicken & Asparagus OR Smoked Salmon

Soups, Chili, Baked Beans, Appetizers, Chicken Parmesan, Butter Chicken, Rice, Risotto

Cheesecakes (GLUTEN WISE), Bread Pudding (GLUTEN WISE),  Fruit Crisps (GLUTEN WISE)Coconut Custard Pie

Cinna-buns, Sticky Chelsea Buns, Strawberry Jam, Tea Biscuits, Savory Muffins

Fruit pies: Apple, Strawberry/Rhubarb, Blueberry, Raspberry, Peach, Cherry, Raisin, Peach/Cherry, Bumbleberry, French Coconut Custard

Molly’s savory selection has something for everyone!

Check it out and find something delicious for dinner tonight!